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To join the agency visit Join Us and complete the online application form.  Once an application has been submitted and received we will generally reply within 7 days.  Please be aware that we will only consider offering an audition to a client if we believe that we can get them work within the industry.  All agency decisions are final and non-negotiable


Stages Management’s books are open twice a year usually in January and June.  We like to meet all applicants who are being considered for representation by audition.  This serves two purposes firstly it allows us to discover the ability of whom we will be representing in the industry and secondly for you to find out if we are the right agency for you.  The audition takes place in the form of a workshop and full details will be given when you are invited to attend.  There is no charge for the audition

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Should your audition be successful you will be offered representation with Stages Management for which there is no registration fee charge in compliance with the BIS regulations.  Commission is charged on all fees except expenses and the rates vary from 12.5% to 25% dependant on the type of work undertaken.   It is compulsory that all of our clients have an agency photo shoot at least once a year with our approved agency photographers for which there is a nominal charge.  It will also be necessary to join Spotlight which is an annual fee of £100 (inc. VAT) plus a small agency admin fee.


Spotlight is the UK’s database for all performers, agents and casting professionals.  Only children who are represented by an agent are eligible for Spotlight membership and this definitive directory is the best way for a young performer to promote themselves to casting opportunities. 


“Spotlight connects performers with roles in theatre, television and film productions. Casting professionals choose Spotlight to cast their projects because performers on Spotlight are recognised as the industry’s best”.


Access to Spotlight's online database is only available to vetted industry professionals.


It is important to show all the children to their best potential therefore we ensure that the style of photography used on our website is uniformed and to the highest standard.  Parents are invited to send in any additional headshots that they have arranged themselves, these will be kept on file and maybe used on Spotlight should any casting professionals wish to view them, however, such headshots will not be used on this website

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Most castings are based in London and the surrounding areas however they can be all over the UK.  You will need to ensure that you are available for castings at very short notice and are able to get into central London within 24 hours.  It is also important to note that expenses for castings will be your own responsibility


Our bookings cover all types of work including TV, films, theatre, radio, commercials, corporate and photographic.  Most jobs take place during the working week and depending on the type of job will determine how much time is required.  We will put clients forward for castings/bookings that come in provided they meet the criteria.  For commercial shoots, parents or legal guardians will be required to chaperone, however if the work requires longer commitment the production company may supply a licensed chaperone.  Anyone aged 16 years or older is regarded as an adult and therefore will not require a chaperone. 


Unfortunately there is no guarantee of work.  Whilst we have connections with industry professionals there is absolutely no guarantee of work.  Joining the agency will not be for your child if their school is not supportive of this nor are you prepared to accept that they will miss education!


Most work undertaken will legally require the child to have a ‘child performance licence’.  The Children (Performances and Activities) (England) Regulations 2014 requires all children under the statutory school leaving age to obtain a license from their local authority.  A performance covers a stage show, TV programme, films and modelling, radio and commercials, and corporate work.  A licence for your child will have to be in place prior to the performance or work.  The law requests 21 days to process a license application however most local authorities will accept at least 7 working days before the first performance or work.  A child does not require to be licensed once they are past the official school leaving age (after the last Friday in June of the school year in which they are 16 (Year 11).  It is useful for you to know who your local licensing authority is


Stages Management is a sole agent therefore you are unable to belong to any other agency whilst being represented by us

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